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Links to Other Sites About Pesach

Aish haTorah: Passover (index of Pesach-related pages on Aish haTorah) The Art of Leading an Amazing Seder Games & Tips for the Seder The ABCs of Passover (about

Join Our Team

BJE is fortunate to have a friendly and dedicated team committed to the welfare of our students and families. We invite you to consider becoming

BHPS Safety Policy

Update to BJE’s Safety Policy at Bellevue Hill Public School We are so happy to be back in the classrooms at Bellevue Hill – it’s

RBPS Safety Policy

Update to BJE’s Safety Policy at Rose Bay Public School We are so happy to be back in the classrooms at Rose Bay – it’s

Fees Policy

• Payments are due prior to your child/ren attending class. [Note: fees are not payable for SRE, Special Relgious Education, commonly known as ‘Scripture’, and

Our People

Our Board President: Ms Tahlia Gordon Vice-President: Mr Athol Chiert Treasurer: Mr Tom Levi Board Members: Dr Avril Alba, Mr David Balkin AM Board Observer:

School Term Dates

As BJE teaches in NSW government schools, the term dates given below are for government schools. If you are looking for the term dates of

Peku’ach Nefesh (saving a life)

The principle of pekuach nefesh (pronounced pe-koo-ach ne-fesh) is usually translated into English as ‘saving a life’ and is known to every observant Jew. It

Explained for Kids

This section of our website has pages written for primary school age children, as opposed to adults or high school students. Please choose from the

High School Framework

The BJE Jewish Journey is part of an integrated program we provide to students in non-Jewish schools. It begins in Primary School and continues all