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Do you want to empower your child(ren) to learn, connect and belong at an early age? If you do you should enrol your child(ren) in the BJE Jewish Journey in primary school.
Primary School 1
Primary School 2
The BJE Jewish Learning journey in primary school provides a foundational knowledge of Jewish traditions, festivals, lifecycle and history and commences with SRE (Special Religious Education) or β€˜Scripture’ as it’s commonly called.
Primary School 3
The BJE Jewish Social Journey in the primary school enables your children to connect with Jewish friendship networks and peers in their local area and where possible in other parts of NSW.
Primary School 4

BJE has a dedicated program for non-Jewish students and teachers learning about Judaism as part of their faith studies.

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Primary School 5

The following article appeared in The Australian Jewish News on 14 August 2020: EDUCATION is one

Primary School 6
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