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Wars & Disputes 1948-2001

A Chronological Outline 1948 Israel’s Independence On 14 May 1948 the British Mandate ended and Israel proclaimed its independence as a sovereign state within the

Israel and the Arabs

The story of the creation of the modern State of Israel is unique. The Jewish people, dispersed in exile for almost 2000 years – and

The Arab-Israeli Conflict

The Arab-Israel conflict is a complex one with the two sides often having seemingly irreconcilable opinions and attitudes. Some of the underlying causes of this

Books about Judaism

This page provides links to selected books about various aspects of Judaism but is not a comprehensive list. The links below will take you back

Streams of Judaism

There is an old saying that for every two Jews, there are at least three opinions. No wonder, then, that there have almost always been

Israel Zangwill

Hailed as the greatest writer of Anglo-Jewry, Israel Zangwill was also a leading Zionist pioneer. His life was full of contradictions: despite his close links

Elie Wiesel

Holocaust survivor Eliezer (‘Elie’) Wiesel was internationally renowned as a persistent literary witness to the Holocaust. In his work, Wiesel wrote specifically about surviving the horrors

The Tribes of Israel

From the 12 sons of Jacob and the two sons of Joseph derive the Twelve Tribes of Israel. Ten were lost to history. The descendents


Tamar means ‘date palm’ in Hebrew: the unique, sweet flower of the desert. Tamar was the woman who disguised herself as a prostitute in order

Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai

Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai (in English, Rabbi Simon bar Yochai or Rabbi Simon son of Yochai and, in Hebrew, also known as Rashbi) was a



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Funds from our annual BJE Kol Nidre Appeal will be diverted to support COA Sydney and their Kosher Meals on Wheels Program. This is the true spirit of Tikkun Olam. To donate please go to the link in our bio.

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In the true spirit of Tikkun Olam, the essence of the Jewish Journey we inspire in our students, BJE will be diverting funds from their annual Kol Nidre Appeal to COA Sydney, who have experienced a dramatic increase in demand for Kosher Meals on Wheels. 🥘 🚙

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BJE wishes you and your family a sweet and healthy New Year and well over the fast 🐝🍯🍎
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