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Target Audience


The Journey

the bje jewish journey The BJE Jewish Journey is part of an integrated program we provide to students in non-Jewish schools. It begins in Primary


Interested or potentially interested in your child joining BJE’s classes, events and/or programs? For more information about any of our classes or activities, please contact

Social Journey

The BJE Jewish Social Journey in high school is designed to ensure that teens continue to build their Jewish friendship networks and connection to the

Israel Program

ISRAEL JOURNEY BJE’s Israel Program for Year 10 students is a unique opportunity to take part in a 5-week study of Israel where students mix

Learning Journey

The Learning Journey in High School focuses on K’lal Yisrael (the Jewish people) as a global family with a shared mission of Tikkun Olam (making

Social Journey

Social Journey Parent and child events A series of events around the Chagim, Shabbat Project, Mitzvah Day, Book Week and more! Year 6 CamP This

Learning Journey

The Learning Journey in Primary School encourages children to feel positive about being Jewish and to identify and connect with Jewish life and culture. This

Knowledge Centre

KNOWLEDGE CENTRE The Knowledge Centre has been designed to help you find information on all things BJE related. There are two ways you can search:

High School

The Journey Primary School High School High School Do you want to ensure that your teen continues to learn, connect, belong and build a stronger



Due to the success of last year’s event, @jwave_community is inviting Year 10 & 11 students + a parent to learn more about an increasingly important and relevant subject matter facing us today, Holocaust denial and distortion.

Presented by William Scott, Australian PhD student studying the history of the Holocaust. This will be a powerful and informative family experience you won’t want to miss!

To register head to the link in our bio

Numbers are limited due to covid restrictions

#connectwithjwave #jwave #jewishcommunity #holocaustdenial

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Haircuts 💇‍♀️
Shopping 🛍️
Shabbat dinners 🥘
Together again 💙

#connectyourway #bje #shabbatshalom

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This Shabbat we’re celebrating schools being back early! 🎉 Take a little extra time to relax this weekend - we know you deserve it! 😎☀️

#connectyourway #bje #shabbatshalom

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Meet Matan. Matan is in Year 1 at Bellevue Hill. Through our BJE programs Matan connected to the special feeling of Shabbat with Challah 🍞 on Fridays.

In lockdown Matan wanted to recreate this special feeling so he turned to his passion for baking and created ‘Neumann Chefs’ - his own delicious challah business! 👨‍🍳

DM @kazneu to order challah or other delicious baked goods from Matan

#connectyourway #bje

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Calling all high school students to join us for a virtual escape room on the 10th of October. 🏃🏻‍♀️💻

Register via link in bio ⬆️

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