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Target Audience


Head coverings

HEAD COVERINGS FOR MEN Yarmulke – Kippah – Skullcap – Hat ‘One should not walk bare-headed (the distance of) four cubits.’‘Small children should (also) be


BJE’s Hebrew classes are a fun and interactive environment where students learn the fundamentals of Hebrew reading, writing and speaking. The program is flexible and

Hebrew & Other Jewish Languages

The original language of the Jewish people is, of course, Hebrew, the language in which the Jewish Bible is written. Hebrew is an unique language

Hebrew Printing

Printing revolutionised the world. It brought knowledge to the masses, increased literacy and spread information. This was also true of Hebrew printing and its effect

Heh (Hebrew Letter)

HEY represents the number five. It appears twice in the sacred Name of God, deeming it a symbol of Divinity. The letter HEY is comprised

Heroes of the Jewish People

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Some fight courageously on the battlefield. Others take huge risks for a just cause. And then there are

High School

The Journey Primary School High School High School Do you want to ensure that your teen continues to learn, connect, belong and build a stronger

High School Chanukah Events

High School Chanukah Events Register for Year 7-9 Amazing Race Around Sydney Sunday 12th December10am – 1pmFor Years 7-9 Please note: We will have meeting

High School Framework

The BJE Jewish Journey is part of an integrated program we provide to students in non-Jewish schools. It begins in Primary School and continues all

High School Online Escape Room

Sunday 10th October @ 2pm Join your friends and your favourite mads for an afternoon you don’t want to miss! Competing in teams, you will have 1



A day in the life of Saige on the @nesiahbje Israel program ...

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A day in the life of Giulia on @nesiahbje Israel program ...

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A day in the life of Jemma currently in Israel
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A in day in the life if Liam on our Nesiah Israel Program
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A day in life of the @nesiahbje Israel program by Jacinta ...

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