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The Story of Grandmother Rivka

GRANDMOTHER RIVKA FROM THE OLD CITY OF JERUSALEM Savta (Grandmother) Rivka lives in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem.  Her house is

Akiva and Rachel

This story provides background about Rabbi Akiva, perhaps the greatest of the early rabbis, and in particular tells about his early life before he became

Jewish Prayer Explained for Kids

What is Jewish Prayer? Jewish people call prayer ‘the service of the heart’. The Hebrew word for prayer is ‘tefillah’ (prayers = ‘tefillot’). In Yiddish

Shavuot Explained for Kids

WHAT IS SHAVUOT AND WHEN DO WE CELEBRATE IT? Shavuot is the second of the three Pilgrim Festivals. It is celebrated for 2 days outside Israel

Lag Ba'Omer Explained for Kids

WHAT IS LAG B’OMER AND WHEN DO WE CELEBRATE IT? Every Jewish letter has a number value depending on its position in the Hebrew alphabet.

Pesach Explained for Kids

WHAT IS PESACH AND WHEN DO WE CELEBRATE IT? Passover or Pesach, as it is called in Hebrew, is the festival that reminds us of when

Purim Links for Kids

INFORMATION ABOUT PURIM BJE: Purim (Introduction) The Scroll of Esther – Megillat Esther Food on Purim Links to Purim Books, Stories & Songs Akhlah: Purim

Chanukah Links for Kids

INFORMATION ABOUT CHANUKAH BJE: Chanukah (Introduction) Chanukah Symbols & Foods Lighting the Chanukiah Chanukah Prayers & Blessings   Chabad Kids: The Story of Chanukah in

Sukkot Explained for Kids

WHAT IS SUKKOT? ‘Sukkah’ is the Hebrew word for ‘booth’ or ‘tabernacle’. ‘Sukkot’, the plural, is the name of the festival of booths. Sukkot were the


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