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BJE’s educational and social programs offer an engaging and inspiring Jewish Journey into Jewish life, language, history and culture allowing your children to learn, connect and belong.
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Do you want to empower your child(ren) to learn, connect and belong at an early age? If you do, you should enrol your child(ren) in the BJE Jewish Journey in primary school.

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Do you want to ensure that your teens continue to learn, connect and belong, and build a stronger Jewish identity? If you do you, should enrol your teens in the BJE Jewish Journey in high school.

Looking to better connect with the Jewish community? Explore jwave and what it offers you and your family.
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This is it. The focal point of the high school BJE Jewish Journey, and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
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BJE has a dedicated program for non-Jewish students and teachers learning about Judaism as part of their faith studies or Studies of Religion
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Your opportunity to take up a part-time position and help build our community.

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Connect with us and register to receive your FREE learning packs. Available for students in Years K-6.

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At BJE, our measure of success is based on the ability of students to learn, connect and belong.



Since the start of the pandemic and most recently NSW’s second lockdown, COA has experienced an increase in demand for their Kosher Meals on Wheels program. BJE will be diverting funds from our annual Kol Nidre Appeal to support this. We hope we can count on your support – donations can be made at the link in our bio.

@jca_today @coasydney

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BJE wishes you well over the fast this Yom Kippur ✡️


Candle lighting 15 Sept 5:29 pm 🕯️🕯️
Fast Ends 16 Sept 6:24 pm 🍲🍩🥯

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Funds from our annual BJE Kol Nidre Appeal will be diverted to support COA Sydney and their Kosher Meals on Wheels Program. This is the true spirit of Tikkun Olam. To donate please go to the link in our bio.

@jca_today @coasydney

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In the true spirit of Tikkun Olam, the essence of the Jewish Journey we inspire in our students, BJE will be diverting funds from their annual Kol Nidre Appeal to COA Sydney, who have experienced a dramatic increase in demand for Kosher Meals on Wheels. 🥘 🚙

To support those in need please go to the donation link in our bio.

@coasydney @jca_today

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