What is the BJE Israel Program?

  • An incredible once in a life time opportunity for Year 10 students from Public or Private Schools (outside the Jewish Day Schools) to take part in a dynamic, bespoke 5 week educational journey to Israel.
  • Your children have opportunities to experience the land, its people, culture and history, together with other students from High Schools in NSW, ACT, QLD and VIC.
  • The benefit to the emotional growth of your children is immeasurable, and invaluable in developing life-long Jewish friendships and connecting to their own personal Jewish identity.
  • The Program is designed specifically for our cohort. It is well-structured, highly organised and staffed with both Australian and Israeli Youth Leaders (Madrichim). There are also senior staff members so you can feel confident your children are safe and well cared for.
  • Together they will live and breathe the magic of Israel. Our passionate Madrichim help lead the program and serves as a springboard for connection long after the students return from Israel. These dedicated Madrichim organise post-Israel activities, giving your children more opportunities to connect with each other and the wider community.
  • The program will depart in December, towards the end of the School Year, and return in mid-January.
  • The program is highly popular and enjoys strong support, from both the extended Jewish community, school principals and parents.


The BJE Israel Program is supported by Y2i
Israel Program 1

BJE partners with UJEB in providing the BJE Israel Program to students in Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, Northern Territory and Western Australia.
Israel Program 2