The Journey

the bje jewish journey

The BJE Jewish Journey is part of an integrated program we provide to students in non-Jewish schools. It begins in Primary School and continues all the way through to the end of High School.

The BJE Jewish Journey is focused on these key areas:

  • Developing Jewish friendship networks.
  • Preparing for the Rite of Passage to Jewish adulthood (Bar/Bat Mitzvah-ready).
  • Preparing for and participating in the BJE Israel program.
  • Fostering leadership skills based on Jewish values. In particular, the acceptance of personal responsibility and making a difference through meaningful community service involvement.

The milestone for Primary School students on their BJE Jewish Journey is having a Bar/Bat Mitzvah. We ensure students are taught appropriate knowledge of Hebrew and Judaism to make their Bar/Bat Mitzvah possible.

For High School students on their BJE Jewish Journey, we focus on Jewish identity, knowledge and confidence. We instil a strong awareness and pride in being Jewish in an increasingly anti-Semitic world.

We ensure High School students are taught an appropriate knowledge of Judaism, Jewish History, and Israel, as well as advocacy tools. The milestone of the Jewish Journey in the High School is the BJE Israel Program.

The BJE Jewish Journey educates students in an inspiring way, integrates social activities, and connects them to Jewish culture and community. This combination of learning and friendship through thirteen years of school will make a substantial contribution to Jewish continuity in NSW for students who do not attend Jewish Day Schools.

BJE believes that children can best grow and achieve their own potential when they are confident in who they are and where they belong.