Position Vacant

Chief Executive Officer

About BJE

The Board of Jewish Education (BJE) has a clear strategy to provide a ‘Jewish Journey’ through primary and high school. This journey is a combination of educational and social opportunities that enables Jewish children at government and independent schools to explore and deepen their Jewish identities in the formative years of their youth. Our programs currently commence in Year K and culminate in a trip to Israel in the later years of high school.

We aim to provide students with the knowledge and experiences necessary to make an informed choice about wanting to identify and live as Jews after they leave school. This strategy provides a Jewish Journey actively shaped through student and parental engagement, but ultimately owned by the BJE as the organisation with primary responsibility for its delivery and impact.

The Board is currently seeking a new CEO who is able to bring this strategy to fruition through the development of a student-centred program, supported and informed by parent engagement.

About You

The new CEO needs to have the creativity, drive, passion and leadership skills to transition the organisation from its original focus on delivering in-school ‘scripture’ classes to one where our classes are a temporal window of access for public school students to engage in the full BJE Jewish Journey.

A successful candidate will be one who is able to straddle two separate and different capabilities: The first is strategic thinking– how to shape the organisation to remain relevant to deliver its core mission. The second is operational – how to develop and deliver the set of programs, activities and initiatives – that collectively represent the BJE Jewish Journey.

Key Responsibilities

  • Translate the strategic agenda into a linked and integrated set of initiatives and programs that are relevant, exciting and attractive to our students and their parents
  • Build an organisation culture that encourages innovation and empowerment of all who work there to have the confidence to speak up and take initiative
  • Recruit, engage and develop passionate and skilled educators to ensure successful delivery of these programs
  • Promote the value and vision of the BJE Jewish Journey to strengthening Jewish continuity with parents and the broader community
  • Act as the listener-in-chief internally and externally to give the organisation and parents the space to question and challenge what is being provided and whether the impact is sufficient
  • Actively engage with key stakeholders and the broader Jewish community to promote the activities of BJE and foster relationships with other communal organisations to further the impact we have for our families
  • Oversee the financial aspects of the organisation’s activities to ensure that the organisation can live within its agreed budgets

The CEO role is an opportunity to make a real and enduring
difference to the future of the NSW and broader Australian Jewish communities.

To apply, please send your current CV and cover letter to president@bje.nsw.edu.au