Learning Journey

The Learning Journey in Primary School encourages children to feel proud about being Jewish and to identify and connect with Jewish life and culture. Students may travel a number of paths to take part in BJE’s Jewish Learning Journey, including:

Learning Journey 1

The BJE Jewish Learning Journey in Primary School provides a foundational knowledge of Jewish traditions, festivals, lifecycle and history and commences with SRE (Special Religious Education). These classes happen in school hours, with BJE being the only authorised provider of Jewish SRE in Primary and High School.

Learning Journey 2

The Extension program was developed to allow students to further explore their Jewish heritage, history, culture and values in an experiential and relevant manner, and supplements what students learn in SRE classes. This fee-paying program is offered before school in some centres and after school in others.

Learning Journey 3

BJE’s Hebrew program has been developed to engage our students and allow them to build Hebrew skills as they progress through the program. A range of skills are taught, including reading, writing, conversing and understanding. We are now offering Online hebrew classses as well as in person classes.