Hebrew 1BJE’s Hebrew classes are a fun and interactive environment where students learn the fundamentals of Hebrew reading, writing and speaking. The program is flexible and caters to all ability levels.

For our earliest learners, classes lay the foundation for future growth by teaching fundamental Hebrew principles.  

In later years, students are challenged to develop a complete language skillset.

BJE’s Hebrew program is recognised by the NSW Department of Education. Our before-and-after school classes are eligible for Service NSW Creative Kids Vouchers.

A breakdown of our curriculum includes:

  • In Year K, students learn to recognise the Hebrew letters.
  • In Year 1, students progress further and begin to speak Hebrew. Students are also taught to read and write Hebrew.
  • In Year 2 and 3, students expand their everyday vocabulary and the Hebrew script alphabet (used for hand writing) is introduced.
  • In Years 4-6, students further develop all four language skills: listening (understanding), speaking, reading, and writing. To engage the students and make their learning more meaningful, we teach vocabulary relevant to students’ everyday life.
  • Where applicable, Years 5-6 students participate in the Linguafest competition (a short film competition similar to Tropfest).
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Please see our Enrol page to find a link to the appropriate online enrolment form for your chosen school.

Hebrew is offered only at select schools across NSW. To find out if Hebrew is offered at your school, please go to our enrolment page.

Many of our locations are within 20 minutes of other primary schools. If Hebrew is not offered at your child’s school, it may be possible for them to attend Hebrew classes at another nearby school.  Please contact info@bje.nsw.edu.au for more information.

Please contact us at info@bje.nsw.edu.au as there may be a school nearby where we do teach Hebrew and we are always looking to bring together a group of families to provide additional classes.

More information is available on the Department of Education Hebrew Curriculum website. Once enrolled, you are automatically registered with us to receive these updates.

BJE will meet your child at their level of education and understanding. There is no prior learning necessary for your child to enrol in Hebrew.

BJE follows the Hebrew syllabus and parents receive outlines at the beginning of every term.

To inform us of changes in your chilld’s school, please use our Change of School notification form or contact us at info@bje.nsw.edu.au

Please contact us at info@bje.nsw.edu.au for more information about pricing.

In all of our Hebrew classes, teachers assess students for their levels and create a program designed to the student’s Hebrew ability in order to progress appropriately.

BJE requires its teachers to comply with the following:

  • hold current WWC (Working with Children) certification;
  • successfully complete a Child Protection online course through the Department of Education portal;
  • successfully complete a Code of Conduct online course;
  • before teaching for BJE, they must complete a teaching professional development session. After this, they undertake a Practicum and are observed by senior BJE staff when teaching classes. Only after successful completion of this process are teachers allowed to teach lessons unsupervised.
  • Only BJE-approved curricula and materials may be used in lessons. The curricula and materials are developed and approved by our professionally trained staff – please see below for more details;
  • Allow periodic observation of classes by senior BJE staff to ensure standards continue to be met. As part of the process, teachers are asked to complete a self-reflection of their role as a teacher. This gives the teacher and BJE an opportunity to discuss any issues, and allows feedback to be provided about the lesson to be provided. All observation records are collected and signed by all parties and are kept in the teacher’s file held by BJE;
  • Teachers undertake ongoing professional development sessions provided by BJE; and
  • BJE also has a teacher mentor available to all our staff to work one-on-one with them and provide classroom support.

Please email us at info@bje.nsw.edu.au with details of your concern or complaint. For information about how we handle complaints, please see our Complaints Procedure page.