Special Religious Education (SRE), also known as ‘Scripture,’ is BJE’s largest educational program across NSW Government Schools. BJE teachers travel to nearly 60 schools across NSW to teach foundational Jewish knowledge in weekly SRE classes which are provided free of charge by BJE. SRE students learn about Jewish culture and values while having the opportunity to connect with their Jewish peers. These inclusive, interactive classes feature a brand new curriculum that engages and inspires students to create a personal connection to their Jewish identity.

The SRE curriculum is inclusive of all forms of Jewish practice and identity. BJE is the sole authorised provider of Jewish SRE lessons and teachers in New South Wales Government Schools.

Stage 1 is the beginning of your child’s Jewish Journey. Students learn the foundational knowledge of Jewish traditions and Chagim (Jewish Festivals). They focus on what it means to be Jewish in their own lives.

During Stage 2, students consolidate and expand their knowledge of Jewish traditions and Chagim (Jewish Festivals). They learn contemporary Jewish Practice that relates to their lives.

Stage 3 challenges Year 5 & 6 students to expand their knowledge of Jewish traditions and Chagim (Jewish Festivals). They learn Jewish ethics and Mitzvot that are meaningul in their daily lives.

Project Heritage connects students to living historians while embarking upon the journey of tracing their own family roots and exploring their stories. This year, we are partnering with the Sydney Jewish Museum, and their innovative use of DITs (digital imaging technology) to provide a meaningful interaction with the living historians.

The Jewish Journey continues in SRE High School classes as students develop their understanding of Jewish customs, traditions and philosophical concepts. Students expand their knowledge through relevant topics that relate to the modern world and to their daily lives as teenagers.

Do you want to know more about SRE or how to enrol your child in SRE classes? Check out our FAQ page for more information. If you have a question that is not already answered, feel free to ask a question in the ‘ask us’ section and we will follow this up with you in the coming days.