Term 3 Jewish Journey

We are excited to come back to school, this time fact-to-face!

The Jewish Journey SRE classes are designed with a range of topics spread over a 3 year cycle. This ensures that every year students explore new topics. The Jewish Festivals (Chagim) topics are planned in such a way that every year students learn a different aspect of the Chag, thus ensuring that students are challenged and engaged. The aim is that by the end of Primary School, students will have a solid foundation in their heritage.

Please watch the short illustrative video below to find out about our Term 3 curriculum:

For more information about BJE’s Jewish Journey in Primary School, please see our Primary School Learning Journey page.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 9365 7900 or at info@bje.nsw.e.du.au

We would like to advise you of the  David S. Ratner Scholarship which is now is now open should you wish to apply through the Public Education FoundationThe Scholarship provides support and encouragement for public primary school, high school and tertiary students.

This scholarship will support students for a maximum of five years in primary and/or secondary school and/or University or TAFE (provided they remain in public education).

For more information please see the Foundation’s Information Sheet.