Ayin (Hebrew Letter)


The letter AYIN ע represents the number seventy in the Hebrew alphabet and numerology. It is a symbol of perception and insight.

The word AYIN means ‘eye’. The eye reveals more about the physical realm than any other sensory organ.

The eye is considered to be symbolic of the individual’s entire being. The eye reflects the innermost point of a person, a miniature world itself.

The word for tree (‘etz‘ עץ) begins with AYIN, signifying the Tree of Life.

AYIN alludes to the eye of God, as mentioned in the Torah.

The number seventy represents the seventy archetypal nations and languages. These are said to be the seventy descendants of Noah, who were dispersed throughout the world after the fall of the Tower of Babel.

The number seventy denotes spirituality, signifying the seventy names of God. These are interpreted to be the seventy faces or dimensions of God as revealed to Moses.