The Ash Levi - Post Nesiah Camp

The Ash Levi post Nesiah Camp is BJE’s signature leadership development program. At this camp, Year 11 students develop crucial leadership skills that enable them to become active change-makers in our Jewish community and broader society.

Key aspects of the Camp include:

  • Development of lifelong leadership capabilities (including being role models to others) as well as teamwork, relationship-building and communication skills;
  • In-depth engagement about taking personal responsibility for actions and the world we live in; and
  • A reunion opportunity for students who attended the Nesiah Israel Program in Year 10.
"The Ash Levi Program was an incredibly impactful experience. It taught us about the impact of our actions on other people and reinforced the importance of doing meaningful things!"
"I love that the Ash Levi Program gave me the opportunity to think for myself about things that I’ve never really thought about before."
"The program was extremely beneficial for everyone on the camp. It was well thought out and was executed perfectly by all of the leaders involved.”


We usually start advertising the Ash Levi Leadership Camp on our Facebook and Instagram accounts about 2 months before it takes place. The advertisements include a link to our online registration form.

The Camp location varies from year to year and for security reasons is disclosed a week before camp to registered participants only. The camp is usually held within a 2 hour drive of Sydney.

BJE arranges a private coach to take all students to and from the Ash Levi Leadership Camp. They are picked up from (and dropped back to) an agreed pick-up point, one in the Eastern Suburbs, and one on the North Shore. BJE Madrichim (youth leaders) are also on the coach and supervise the students.

Yes, there will always be someone in attendance who is first-aid certified and able to help with medical-related issues and emergencies.

Leadership Camp runs from Thursday morning to Sunday. School principals are notified in advance and most have no issue with students attending Leadership Camp.

BJE’s policy is that no child should miss out on attending camp for financial reasons. Please contact for more information.