Winners Announced

In Term 2 BJE students were able to take part in a JNF competition which saw students collect stickers to complete their JNF ‘My Israel’ sticker passports, which then allowed them to enter a draw for prizes including store vouchers, a remote-controlled toy car, and 2 Samsung tablets. The competition generated tremendous excitement among students as they collected the stickers needed to complete their passports so they could enter the draw.

The lucky winners are:

  • Tom Hershkovitz (Vaucluse PS)
  • Isabella Lotkin (Glenmore Road PS)
  • Yotam Tannebaum (Newtown PS)
  • Anaya Hirsch (South Coogee PS)
  • Oliver Bloom (Rose Bay PS)
  • Lola Dery (Darlinghurst PS)
  • Akiva Tanny (Bellevue Hill PS)
  • Maxim Branover (Kensington PS)
  • Matthew Peake (Alexandria Park PS)

More details of the prizes (and who donated them) are in the video below: