The BJE Hub

A welcoming space outside the academic setting, specifically tailored for primary and high school students enrolled in non-Jewish schools. The BJE HUB is operating in 2 different locations, Bondi location and Randwick location, where students can come together to forge connections and embark on a collective journey of Jewish enrichment.


In a recent survey to families, it was evident that The BJE Hub would be a valued offering across Sydney.

Many students attend schools that do not have the structures or resources to provide Jewish education, experiential learning, and social connections.

The first one will be piloted in a Bondi location in February 2024. Our vision is that many BJE Hubs will open and be accessible to all Jewish students across Sydney located in relative proximity to schools.

Commencing in February 2024, BJE Hubs will operate from Monday to Thursday, in the afternoons from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm. For Term 1, the pilot program will be offered two days per week subject to interest.

Yes, BJE hubs will attract a childcare subsidy for families that meet eligibility criteria. BJE is in the process of becoming an Approved Provider for out of school hours care (OOSH). In the interim all families will be offered a discount on the enrolment fees for Term 1.

BJE Hubs will offer a welcoming, dynamic workspace in which a structured, engaging curriculum will be delivered. The educators will be inclusive, passionate and aligned with contemporary educational practices. Our youth leaders and Shinshinim will bring Israeli culture alive with experiential opportunities around the festivals, traditions and conversational Hebrew.

Learning will include:

– Building Jewish identity
– The festivals and Jewish calendar
– Celebrating and experiencing Jewish tradition and culture
– Formal and conversational Hebrew
– Connecting with Israel through modern Israel studies, food, music and dance.

Students at the BJE Hubs will have the opportunity to meet and connect socially with other Jewish children, engage in authentic cultural, traditional, and festival experiences, be mentored by dynamic youth leaders, qualified and experienced teachers, learn Hebrew as a living language, and develop a meaningful connection to Israel.

Absolutely! The hubs will actively prepare and celebrate Bar and Bat Mitzvah ceremonies.

Students from various schools will gather daily at the BJE Hubs, forging social connections.
The youth engagement team and our Shinshinim will cultivate a sense of belonging by creating an environment where students can mould their Jewish identity through immersive experiences and community connections.
Guided by youth leaders, dynamic madrichim, and considerate program coordinators, children will navigate diverse and meaningful experiences.

Yes! The Hubs will run from Monday to Thursday. In Term 1 our pilot program will offer two days a week. An extra class per week will incur an extra cost at a discounted rate.

Yes, transport is being arranged, at an extra daily cost to families, to ensure students are safely transported from their school to their local BJE Hub on their day/s of enrolment.
Optional Bus Fee: $66 per child per term (one day a week per term)

BJE Hub costs for each student for Term 1 are (19 February to 12 April):

• Term Fees per student:
Term 1 SPECIAL RATE $275 for one 2hr session per week.
Cost for an additional day per week is $125 for Term 1.

From Term 2, the cost per term will be $450 per child for one 2hr session per week. BJE is in the process of becoming an Approved Provider for out of school hours care (OOSH), which can provide eligible families, with a means tested childcare subsidy.

Fees Include:

▪ 2-hour weekly sessions with highly experienced educators and engaging youth leaders.
▪ Healthy and nutritious afternoon snack (Kosher).
▪ All teaching and learning resources, including stationery.
▪ All resources relating to celebrating festivals and special events.

*Holiday day camps will be offered as a seperate cost.

Yes, formal and conversational Hebrew will be offered to all students. Children will be divided according to their competence and fluency rather than their age in the Hebrew component of the BJE Hubs.

We look forward to welcoming families to different experiences throughout the year where you will enjoy meeting your child’s friends, their families, and educators. These will be opportunities to participate in some learning, as well as the chance to enjoy observing your child’s own development and connection to their Jewish identity.

We see families as our partners and welcome your feedback, your involvement and suggestions to help us grow too.

The BJE Hub distinguishes itself from the existing BJE Extension programs conducted in schools through several key features. While BJE Extension programs are typically integrated within school settings, the BJE Hub serves as an external, dedicated space designed to provide a unique environment offering a distinct setting for students to come together, fostering social connections beyond their regular school context.

The two-hour sessions also allow for a deeper and more comprehensive learning experience.

Yes. The curriculum at The BJE Hubs will compliment and expand on what the students are learning currently. The BJE Hub will also be tailored to the level of competency for each individual student as well as having the opportunity for a more enriching and immersive experience.

Arrival and Afternoon Tea

Students arrive and offered afternoon tea and a chance to say hi, sign in and settle down for the afternoon.
Menu is on display, with special dietary provision made visible and accessible.

Welcome Assembly

All students, educators and leaders
· Gather for welcome assembly – join together in a circle
· Acknowledgement of Country
· Sing or learn a song (Hinei Matov or Oseh Shalom etc) –
· Daily announcements made (birthday or special circumstances shared)
· Housekeeping and messages
· Mondays can include Havdallah
· Program of the day is outlined – students know what they can expect
· Leaders break group up into small groups

Session 1

Jewish Life smaller group sessions – divided into ages and stages:
· Lessons based on our Chagim, Values, Traditions, Modern Israel Studies
· Lessons planned to cover – sharing of knowledge, gaining understanding and building new skills – for self and for groups
May choose to celebrate:
· Chag of the month
· Mitzvah of the week
· Mench of the day
Each session will include:
· sharing of ideas,
· opportunities for students to engage, and
· a time to recap and consolidate
Each session will offer:
· Theoretical component
· Storytime
· Experiential experience (including craft, cooking, dance, music, drama, film, games all related to our Jewish Life
Some sessions will focus on Life-Cycle Lessons:
· Baby naming
· Bar and Batmitzvah ceremonies
· Births, Marriages, Funerals, daily and weekly brachot
· Synagogue services – weekly and festivals
· Who is who – Rabbi, Beth Din, JBD, JNF, ZFA
Other sessions will explore:
· Tikkun Orlam
· Derech Eretz
· Mitzvot
· Israel – history, heart and hopes
All resources will be provided including:
· Individual journals or scrap-books
· Kippot for boys (optional)
· Resources – readings, workbooks etc –
· Learning tools – online and in-session


Toilet break, and chance to move to new space etc

Session 2

Focus on Hebrew – divided into ability groups (rather than ages)
· Practical conversational Hebrew (building of vocabulary and grammar)
· Chance to share what Hebrew as a living language looks like, making reference to Israel and Jews living in the diaspora
· Literacy – reading, writing, speaking
· Will be reflective of Jewish Life content happening simultaneously as well as concepts around personal identity:
o Who am I?
o Who is my family?
o Where do I live?
o What do I enjoy?
o What do I wish and hope for?

Farewell Gathering

All students and leaders come together to:
· Share what they experienced that day, and what they will be taking away with them
· Thursdays can include some part or reference to Kabbalat Shabbat
· Every day – gratitude and acknowledgement
· Farewell messages and reminders
· Advance Australia Fair and Hatikvah


Follow departure of students procedures:
· Children to be signed out
· Supervised Collection point
· Reminders, School Bags and Farewells