RBPS Safety Policy

Update to BJE’s Safety Policy at Rose Bay Public School

We are so happy to be back in the classrooms at Rose Bay – it’s been a great start to the term!

As you know, BJE was not in schools last term, so we are just now putting the finishing touches on our procedures based on our shared COVID reality.

We take our Duty of Care very seriously and understand that you as a parent are no longer permitted on school grounds to safely escort your child to the classroom. With that in mind,  we are making a few changes to our drop-off procedures to ensure the safety of our students and enable our teachers to effectively teach their classes. This includes employing a floater teacher to help safely escort children who arrive late to their classroom.

We ask that you please read the exact procedure below and reach out if you have any questions.

  1. The BJE teachers will stand at the school gate from 8:10-8:15 to all children to arrive during this time.
  2. After this time, a floater teacher will remain at the gate to collect any students who arrive between 8:15 – 8:30. The floater teacher will then escort all the children, together, at 8:30 to their respective classrooms.
  3. After 8:30, there will no longer be a floater teacher at the gate. If you arrive at school after this time, you child will be unable to attend their class as there is no way to safely get them into the care of a BJE teacher while enabling our teachers to teach their classes.  
  4. After 8:30 we will mark the roll and send out any absentee text messages based on classroom attendance at that time.

As always, please remember that if you drop your child off before 8:10 BJE is not responsible for your child. Likewise, students are not allowed on school grounds unsupervised before 9:00 am. So if you arrive early, please wait with your child until 8:10 or enrol them in before school care (and we will collect them from there).

We thank you for your support and understanding in putting the safety of your child first.