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General FAQs

A packing list has been sent to your parents for the Nesiah Israel Program. Please ask them for more details about this. 

Absolutely! On specific days, after a program or activity, we will allocate a period of structured free time. This means that if we are in a certain location, we will give you free roam of it and a time to meet back with the group. 

There is no specific amount of money we recommend bringing. There are often opportunities to buy food and snacks and other products (from a pharmacy or mall). We recommend you bring limited cash as it can get lost easily. A travel/debit card is a good and safe option. 

Ensure you have disclosed any dietary requirements, health conditions and medications on the necessary forms. It is vital your group leaders know this information so we can ensure the health and safety of all participants. If you are unsure whether you have missed out on telling us any important information, go back and check your submitted forms. If you have any additional information, you think we need to know, send it in an email to  

We encourage all participants to bring their phones wherever we go during the day. There are always opportunities for photos and to take notes. However, during a program (unless permitted by a group leader), phone use is not tolerated. All participants must show absolute respect to presenters/tour guides by not going on their phones.

First and foremost, Nesiah is a personal journey for everyone, and we want everyone to mature and to grow on this trip. This will not be like school! However, certain actions do have consequences (as set out in the Code of Conduct, which I hope you have all read). We expect you to have an incredible and life-changing experience. To ensure this, respect must be shown to all group leaders, madrichim, coordinators and tour guides. We encourage you to be inquisitive and to ask questions, and of course to learn from the programs we will do.  

On Nesiah, all group leaders, madrichim and coordinators have the necessary first aid, mental health and child protection training. All participants should feel free to approach any member of staff with any questions or private information you feel you need to disclose. We will assist you in the best way possible. For example, if you feel unwell, don’t keep it to yourself! Even if it is embarrassing, we’ve all been down the same road before. We are just looking out for you. 

Covid FAQs

All participants need to have a minimum of two doses with at least 14 days having passed before departure since the date of the most recent vaccination. This is a Nesiah requirement (not an Israel one).

According to current regulations, everyone will need a negative PCR 72 hours prior to flying. Israeli regulations require a PCR on landing.

All participants and staff will have regular RATs and if a participant displays flu-like symptoms.

If any group member begins to show COVID symptoms, they will be tested using Rapid Antigen Testing immediately (whether at the hotel or not). If that person is found to test positive for COVID-19, then arrangements will be made to isolate them, by placing them in their own room for the required isolation period. If we are outside our accommodation, the remainder of the group will undergo rapid antigen testing immediately before returning to the hotel. If the group member returns a negative test, they will continue to undergo a rapid antigen test for each day that they are symptomatic.  

There will be a staff member to stay with you and care for you until you can fly home. Insurance will cover the cost of rescheduling the flights for the you and the staff carer.