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General FAQs

A birth certificate will suffice in the short term and while you are applying for a passport. Valid passports are required to be sent to us by September 9th 2022.

Registrations are now closed for Neisah 2022/23.

Please contact Michelle Stander at the following email:

The parent or legal guardian is required to sign the forms.

Finance/Payment FAQs

The Y2i (NSW, ACT & QLD) $5,000 grant is available based on the following conditions of participation in BJE’s Year 10 “Nesiah” Program:

  • Students must be Jewish and have at least one Jewish parent
  • Students must be in Year 10
  • Students must attend a non-Jewish school anywhere in Australia – government or independent

BJE will provide you with a link to the Y2i Grant Opt in form. You need to indicate on this form if you will be taking all, part or none of the grant.

All families should receive the outcome of their applications before places are offered by BJE.

Participants receiving extra financial assistance need to travel to and from Israel with the BJE group and cannot alter their ticket to stay longer in Israel or travel elsewhere after the program.

Monthly payment plans can be arranged. Please contact Lianne Cohen at BJE to discuss on (02) 9365 7900.

The decision to send a child is made by both parents and there must be an acknowledgement and commitment made at the outset, regarding who will pay the cost of the program. If payments are not met according to the stated BJE time frames, the child will not be permitted onto the program and will miss out.

All families, regardless of whether you are taking all, part of none of the grant are required to complete the Grant Opt In form.

The grant is not an entitlement. There are families who cannot afford the cost of the program and genuinely require financial help. If you can afford the full cost of the program, you are encouraged to forego the $5,000 grant so that it can be used to support more participants or provide extra financial support to those who genuinely need it.

Covid FAQs

Minimum two doses with at least 14 days having passed before departure since the date of the most recent vaccination. This is a Nesiah requirement (not an Israel one).

According to current regulations, everyone will need a negative PCR 72 hours prior to flying. Israeli regulations require a PCR on landing.

The cost of the PCR before departure is not covered. The cost of the PCR on landing in Israel, and RAT’s while in Israel are covered.

All participants and staff will have regular RATs and if a participant displays flu-like symptoms.

As per Israeli regulations, if a participant is a close contact, they will take a RAT and if negative, will continue as usual. If a participant tests positive, they will need to isolate for 5 days. They will be well cared for and always looked after by a staff member.

There will be a staff member to stay with them and care for them until they can fly home. Insurance will cover the cost of rescheduling the flights for the participant and carer.

Please refer to the Group Travel Policy Schedule uploaded on the Nesiah Parent Portal.