Vav (Hebrew Letter)


The letter VAV is equal to the number six and is the symbol of connection, portraying a bridge in structure.

As the number six, the VAV denotes physical completion. The world was created in six days, as explained in Genesis: The first word of Genesis, Bereishit, (‘in the beginning’), can be broken up to form ‘He created six’ (Barah Shit).

The letter VAV, as symbolic of the number six, signifies physical space. Every self-contained object has six dimensions: right, left, front, back, up and down. It is said that the six days of creation also relate to these six dimensions.

The word VAV means ‘hook’, alluding to the connection between the inherent symmetrical and asymmetrical states in nature which maintain equilibrium. On a deeper level, the VAV is said to be the link between every Jew in their will to serve God, found in the core of every Jewish person’s heart.

The letter VAV, the plainest in appearance of all the letters of the Hebrew alphabet, signifies the basic common link between all Jewish people: a love of and will to serve God.