Tet (Hebrew Letter)


The letter TET, as the number nine numerically, represents general goodness.

The Hebrew word ‘tov’ (good) begins with the letter TET. The first time TET appears in the Torah is in Genesis 1:4, in the word tov.

The numerical value of the letter TET signifies truth and eternity. This is due to its unique feature that all multiples of the number nine are equal to nine in their reduced value. According to Gematria (Jewish numerology) the word for truth (’emet’), equals nine when reduced, as do many other words pertaining to these Divine qualities.

TET is the central consonant in the word ‘mateh’ (staff), signifying the twelve tribes of Israel who were referred to as staffs.

The word for pure (tahir) as well as impure (tamah), both commence with the letter TET. This suggests that only God, symbolising Divine goodness, has the power to produce pure from impure. In this way the TET unites both pure and impure to create one entity.