Chol haMo'ed (Intermediate Days of a Festival)

The term Chol haMo’ed means ‘Intermediate days of the festival’ and refers to the days between the first and last days of the festivals of Pesach and Sukkot.

During the periods of Chol haMo’ed, work and school are permitted but certain special conditions apply:

  • The daily prayer services have some changes. Hallel (a prayer of praise) is recited. Four men are given an aliyah (call up to read from the Torah) instead of three (which is the usual amount of people during weekday services, with the exception of High Holy days when there are five).
  • Orthodox Jews observe these days with some restrictions: some people don’t write and others only work for half the day and only on important tasks.
Chol ha’Mo’ed Pesach

Pesach begins and ends with a Yom Tov. During Hol Hamoed Pesach we are not required to eat matzah (unleavened bread), however we are still not allowed to eat any hametz (leavened products).

Chol ha’Mo’ed Sukkot

During Hol Hamoed Sukkot, we are allowed to go to work, but we are still required to sit in the sukkah to eat and drink.