Links to Pages About Pesach on Other Sites

Aish haTorah: Passover (index of Pesach-related pages on Aish haTorah)

The Art of Leading an Amazing Seder

Games & Tips for the Seder

The ABCs of Passover (about the symbols of Passover)

Passover Cleaning Made Easy

Matzah Alternatives (for those unable to eat matzah)

Games & Tips for the Seder

The 10 Plagues (part of the Aish haTorah Crash Course in Jewish History)

Passover Puzzle (interactive puzzle for children)

Passover Crafts

Fun videos about Pesach: Google Exodus (What if Moses had facebook?), Passover Rhapsody

Chabad: Index to Pesach Pages & Pesach Quick Links

Elimelech David Ha-Levi: Passover – Pesach : History and Meaning of Freedom in Faith

Eli Segal: Assorted Articles about Various Aspects of Pesach Passover Section Home Page

Jacob Richman: Selected Passover Sites

Jewish Virtual Library: Passover – Pesach: History & Overview (contains links to further Passover pages)

Judaism 101: Pesach: Passover

Kosher Torah: Five Essays about the Mysteries / Kabbalah of Pesah (Passover)

My Jewish Learning: Passover (Pesach) (index page to several other pages on different aspects of Passover)

Marsha B. Cohen: Practical-ly Pesach Resources

Ohr Somayach: Pesach (index page of their Pesach/Passover section)

Orthodox Union (OU) Kosher: Passover (index page of their Passover section)

Orthodox Union (OU): Holidays – Passover (assorted articles about Passover)

Rabbi Scheinerman: Pesach (Passover) – The Festival of Freedom & Redemption

Totally Jewish: Pesach


The Seder Plate (JewFAQ Seder Pt.1)(3 minutes, 29 seconds) (an excellent explanation of the Seder plate, the items on it, and other items on the seder table)

Seder Plate Basics for Passover (6 minutes, 30 seconds)(explains the items on the Seder plate and their symbolism)

Explain it to me: Passover (CNN)(3 minutes, 20 seconds)

Passover Haggadah Explained Briefly (3 minutes, 29 seconds)

Preparing the Seder Plate (14 minutes, 55 seconds)

Khalikidan’s Passover Seder (Sesame Street)(3 minutes, 35 seconds)(experiencing Pesach with an Ethiopian family)

Passover: Breaking News (reporting Pesach as if it were a current event) (2 minutes, 6 seconds)

How to Host a Passover Seder (5 minutes, 16 seconds)

The Passover Story, Part 1 (13 minutes, 7 seconds)

The Passover Story, Part 2 (10 minutes, 45 seconds)

Passover Rhapsody – A Jewish Rock Opera (3 minutes, 47 seconds)

Crash Course on Passover (6 minutes, 50 seconds)

Google Exodus (2 minutes, 17 seconds – a whimsical look at the Passover story)

Crash Course on the 10 Plagues (6 minutes, 33 seconds)

The Passover Story with Rabbi Berel Wein (9 minutes, 15 seconds)