The following article appeared in The Australian Jewish News on 14 August 2020:

EDUCATION is one sector that has needed to adapt and change through the COVID-19 pandemic faster than most.

The team at BJE (Board of Jewish Education) was innovative and almost overnight were able to commence remote operation, showing immediate concern for the health and safety of their students, teachers and staff.

BJE completed its digital transformations in weeks and launched new initiatives in a matter of days. In the early lockdown period, students were given the opportunity to participate in an intergenerational activity by sending heartfelt and encouraging messages which connected students with Montefiore residents, highlighting the Jewish value of kindness.

BJE continued the Jewish Journey online, hosting over 200 lessons per month through virtual learning, where over 500 students were able to
maintain their connection to Jewish culture, heritage and identity.

“During isolation, BJE was able to connect with our family through the online learning experience. The Hebrew teacher was able to engage and motivate my daughter and it was lovely to see how much she learnt and enjoyed the lessons,” BJE parent Leigh said.

During this period, BJE connected with over 400 families in the community across NSW via phone calls and Zoom meetings. BJE kept primary school students actively engaged in the school holidays through a range of free online activities.

This was also evident for over 100 high school students who engaged with BJE during the term, as students continued their Jewish Journey by moving weekly lunch clubs online and providing regular online quiz game shows with exciting prizes to be won.

Equally important to BJE during these times was the ability to provide a strong focus on fostering the social aspect of the Jewish Journey for students and parents alike during the isolation period, which was achieved by exciting live stream videos such as the Shavuot cheesecake bake-off and more.

As BJE makes its way back into the classroom in term 3, there’s never been a better time to involve your child in the BJE Jewish Journey today, and BJE can’t wait for what’s to come!