Media Consent Policy

Throughout the year, New South Wales Board of Jewish Education (BJE) has the opportunity to celebrate student achievements and activities in BJE publications, social media, print media, and on the BJE website. 

BJE will assume on enrolment that you consent to the use of candid or posed images of you and/or your children and their work for promotional purposes, on social media, on our website, or other promotional material  in the course of, or in connection with the operations and activities of BJE. 

The resulting photos and/or videos and/or recordings may be retained by BJE and published by BJE in print, digital or online format (including social media) for the purpose of promoting BJE and its activities. Your consent will also be taken as releasing BJE, its Board, contractors, employees and any third parties involved in the creation or publication of the promotional material from liability for any claims arising from the use of the photos and/or videos and/or recordings in the promotional material.

If you do not wish to give consent as described above when enrolling your child, you must advise BJE in writing that you withhold consent, and such notification of the withholding or withdrawing of consent will become effective only upon it being received by BJE. Such withholding or withdrawal of consent may be advised to BJE by email at