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SRE Teacher & Curriculum Information

BJE has comprehensive policies and procedures to ensure that its SRE teachers provide the best possible education for children attending Jewish SRE lessons.

BJE contacts each school in which it provides Jewish SRE lessons  annually before the start of term 1 and on other occasions during the year if needed (e.g. if there is a change in BJE’s SRE teaching staff at the school). BJE clearly identifies itself as the provider of Jewish SRE lessons and keeps the each school informed as to the names, dates of birth, and contact details of the Jewish SRE teacher(s) who will be teaching in the school.

Teachers with BJE are issued with a comprehensive information pack which includes the BJE Teachers’ Manual, and copies of BJE policies and procedures which cover areas including Code of Conduct and WH&S. Teachers are also given information about Child Development Milestones.

BJE requires its SRE teachers to comply with the following:

  • They must hold current WWC (Working with Children) certification and have successfully completed online WWC training
  • Before commencing teaching for BJE, they must complete a teaching professional development session. After this, they undertake a Practicum and are observed teaching classes by senior BJE staff. Only after successful completion of this process are they allowed to teach SRE lessons unsupervised.
  • Only BJE-approved curricula and materials may be used in lessons. The curricula and materials are developed and approved by our professionally trained staff – please see below for more details.
  • Allow periodic observation of classes by senior BJE staff to ensure standards continue to be met.
  • SRE teachers undertake ongoing professional development sessions provided by BJE, and BJE also makes

BJE also has a teacher mentor available to all our SRE staff to work one-on-one with them and provide classroom support.

To assist SRE teachers deliver the curriculum and in an age-appropriate way, BJE does the following:

  • BJE teachers are given a welcome pack which includes information about developmental milestones for each age group and guidance on how to speak to students appropriately for their age and stage of development.
  • BJE teachers are also given written materials with information about how to speak to students, how to engage them, and tips on classroom management.
  • Teachers are required to attend ongoing professional development sessions which includes training about delivering curriculum in a sensitive, age-appropriate manner.
  • Teachers are mentored and audited as to how they deliver the curriculum.

BJE’s SRE teachers are regularly observed in the classroom by senior BJE staff t ensure that the authorised curriculum is being adhered to. As part of the process, teachers are asked to complete a self-reflection and this gives the teacher and BJE opportunity to discuss any issues and for feedback on the lesson to be provided. If needed, a BJE teacher-mentor is called in to assist the teacher with any issues; after this, the teacher is again observed teaching a class to ensure that appropriate changes have been made. All observation records are collected and signed by all parties, and are kept in the teacher’s file held by BJE.

New teachers are required to undergo the following as part of BJE’s training procedure:

  • they are provided with an overview of the curriculum
  • they observe a teacher-mentor teach a lesson
  • next, they receive training on how to read and teach the curriculum (ensuring they have knowledge of the authorised curriculum)
  • teachers are then given a link to the online copy of BJE’s curriculum Scope & Sequence to peruse
  • the teacher-mentor observes the first lesson taught by the teacher
  • after the lesson, the teacher and the teacher-mentor discuss the lesson


Curriculum Information

BJE’s SRE curriculum is written and reviewed by staff with professional teaching qualifications and experience.

The curriculum has a 2 year cycle, with age appropriate aims and activities for each year group.

Teacher feedback is sought at the completion of teaching each unit in the curriculum, including how the students responded to the unit and the various activities in it.

The unit is then reviewed in light of the feedback received and modified appropriately before being deployed to the classroom again.

Resource materials, such as videos and story books, used in conjunction with SRE lessons are also reviewed by curriculum staff to ensure suitability, both in terms of content and age-appropriateness.


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