Supplementary Jewish education, known as Extension, takes place in various primary schools in Sydney. Lessons are held in the mornings, prior to the start of the regular school day.

The Extension curriculum

The Extension curriculum for Years K-2 is specifically designed for that age group and includes the Jewish calendar with its festivals and celebrations, Jewish beliefs and values, as well as the laws and customs followed within Judaism. Lessons are enriched with activities like craft work, songs, drama, music, events, storytelling, and synagogue and community interaction.

The Year 3 curriculum focuses on the Tanach (Jewish Bible), while the Year 4 curriculum focuses on the Mishna and Talmud. Lessons are stimulating and include games, songs and other activities.

A Bar & Bat Mitzvah program for Year 5 and 6 students is run in conjunction with The Great Synagogue at Bellevue Hill and Rose Bay Public Schools.

All Extension curricula compliment and add to what children learn in BJE’s ‘Scripture’ classes This gives students the opportunity to learn more about their religion and its traditions, and to become more involved in the Jewish community.

For further information, please contact our Office. For information specifically about our Hebrew program, you may wish to see our School Hebrew page.

* Fees are payable each semester (half year). For more detailed information, please see our Fee Payment Policy.

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