Our B-Mitzvah program is an innovative, transformative journey of personal discovery for students who are on their way to becoming a Bar or Bat Mitzvah.

The program uses a Jewish lens to cultivate personal growth, explore our shared heritage and prepare for adulthood within the Jewish and broader community.

It is designed to enable students to navigate the journey of Bar/Bat Mitzvah in an authentic and spiritually meaningful way.

The B-Mitzvah program has the following 4 main elements:

1. Jewish Values

In these lessons, students are challenged to explore their Jewish lives, Jewish values and community through photography. They are sent on a quest to find Jewish values in their everyday life and soundings and take photos while answering the question “What is my connection to the Jewish People?”

2. Jewish Heroes

This inspiring aspect of the curriculum reveals that heroes are a vital part of Jewish culture. Students meet different types of Jewish heroes throughout history including scientists, intellectuals, leaders, revolutionaries, cultural figures, athletes and more – men and women with unique talents. These heroes spark discussions around who is truly brave, and students then undertake to identify their own personal heroes and role models. The stories we explore illustrate that anyone can be a hero.

3. My Family Story (MFS)

This project is which now in its 25th year is a meaningful and fun Jewish heritage program that involves 20,000 Jewish youth from over 30 countries around the globe. Students research their roots and use their creative skills to design original, artistic installations that capture the essence of their family history. At the end of this component, BJE will host an exhibition featuring the work of students where the guests will be included in the voting for the top entries for the international exhibition in Israel.
The top entries selected by Beit HaTfutsot (The Museum of the Jewish People, in Israel) will be displayed in an international exhibition. The Beit HaTfutsot winners will receive, from Beit HaTfutsot, a free plane ticket to Israel to participate in the opening of the exhibition.  

4. Hebrew Reading

Being fluent in Hebrew literacy enables full participation in Jewish life and rituals, especially for their Bar/Bat Mitzvah. This component of the program assists students in their fluency in reading Hebrew text.