Links to Multimedia & Interactive Activities for Kids


Please note that the links on this page are organised according to topic. Festivals are listed in the order they occur in during the year, starting with Purim.

Note: please also see our page ‘Index of BJE Online Activities for Children’



People in the Torah Crossword Puzzle by



Shabbat Sling Shot by Elijah Rocks (interactive game)

Shabbat Dinner (Learn the Blessings!) by Moishe House Rocks on You Tube (video)

Havdalah (Learn the Blessings!) by Moishe House Rocks on You Tube (video, concludes with Eliyahu haNavi, a song traditionally sung after making havdalah)

Kiddush for Friday Night on You Tube – video with a slow, clear recording of the Kiddush, text is displayed in Hebrew only (no transliteration)



The Purim Slide Show – tells the story of Purim

The Megillah Behind the Scenes – explains how a megillah (Scroll of Esther) is written

Purim Songs by Aish Hatorah – has transliterated lyrics and a translation for each song. Songs may be played or downloaded.

Ganza Megillah – a written, detailed retelling of the story of Megillat Esther. Suitable only for older children.

60 Second Overview – a brief, written version of the story of Purim.

Lego Purim – a video telling a simplified version of the story for younger children.

The Story of Purim Narrated by your Neighbourhood Hamantash – a slideshow telling a good, shortish version of the story of Purim – no audio, designed for children with reading skills.

Nurit’s Purim Spiel – links to assorted quizes, games and activites on the topic of Purim, including:

Purim Hangman

Purim & Hannukah Word Scramble

Purim Word Search

Purim Puzzle

Purim Word Search (Torah Tots) – online Word Search of words associated with Purim

Mask & Crown – an online activity allowing children to decorate a Purim mask or crown. Suitable for young children.

Purim Word Search by Elijah Rocks (interactive word search game)


sederplate_180pxPESACH (PASSOVER)

Seder Plate Simon by Elijah Rocks (interactive game)

Wordsearch Challenge – an interactive wordsearch puzzle (play against the clock, a new puzzle appears each time you start)

From Pesach to Shavuot – interactive games & activities by Nurit Reshef (note: requires Java to be installed on your computer)

Jewpardy by Kosher4Passover

Passover Wordlets by Kosher4Passover

Pesach Wordsearch by Torah Tots – an interactive Wordsearch

Pesach Jigsaw Puzzle by Torah Tots – slide the pieces around until the picture is correctly displayed

Seder Plate – place the items correctly on the Seder plate

Passover Concentration – a matching game

Matzah Bakers Unshuffled – shuffle the puzzle pieces to display the picture correctly

Find the Afikoman – an interactive Wordsearch puzzle with a Pesach theme

Passover Videos for Kids by, including:

How the Jews Left Egypt

Matzah: What’s Up With It? by – a video for children explaining how matzah is made

The Animated Ten Plagues by

Let’s Bake Matzos by – a video telling the reasons for matzot and how they are made starting with growing the wheat and following the process through the preparation and baking process

Mr Matzah – An Interactive Tour of Pesach by

The Seder Plate Champion by – some of the things on the Seder plate talk about themselves

Interactive Passover On A Plate by

Passover Songs by – recordings of various songs sung on Pesach

Google Exodus: What If Moses Had Facebook? A fast-paced review of the Passover story by Aish Hatorah (suitable for children aged 10 years+)

Using Google Exodus in the Classroom – ideas for how to build a lesson around the previous video

Passover Puzzle – an interactive puzzle by Aish Hatorah

Help Baby Moses – an interactive maze by Billy Bear 4 Kids

The Chametz Game by Billy Bear 4 Kids

The 10 Plagues Quiz by Billy Bear 4 Kids (note: this quiz is extremely easy)

Passover Word Search (Seek-A-Word) by Billy Bear 4 Kids

Echad Mi Yodea by Behrman House (video of the Seder song Echad Mi Yodea – ‘Who Knows One?’ – with lyrics and translation)

Mah Nishtanah on YouTube (video of the Seder song Mah Nishtanah, tradtionally sung by a child. A clear, pleasant version of the song sung to the tradtional tune, accompanied by the Hebrew text of the song.)

Ma Nishtana in Yiddish by Uncle Velvel. Video of Uncle Velvel singing a Yiddish version of the Seder song,Mah Nishtanah. Suitable for those with an interest in the Yiddish language.



Alien Invasion by Elijah Rocks (interactive game)



The Story of Shavuot by – note: assumes that viewers can read.

Writing A Torah Scroll by Chabad.ord. Note: not suitable for children under 8 years old.

Facts About Moses by

How the Jewish People Received the Torah by

The Ten Commandments by Elijah Rocks (interactive game – race to place the 10 Commandments in their correct order)

Shavuot Jigsaw Puzzle by Torah Tots

Shavuot Word Search Puzzle by Torah Tots

Jewish Holidays – Shavuot on You Tube. Suitable to use for older children as the basis for a lesson or discussion.

Shavuot on You Tube. A more detailed video suitable for older children to use as the basis for a lesson.



shofar_180pxRosh Hashana Wordsearch by Torah Tots

Rosh Hashana Sliding Puzzle by Torah Tots

Rosh Hashana Online Paint & Print by Torah Tots

Cooking with Bubby – video showing how to make raisin challah and tzimmes, 2 foods traditionally eaten on Rosh HaShanah

E-greeting cards for Rosh HaShanah to send

Shofar Callin’ – a video suitable for upper primary age children as the basis for a lesson

New Year Activity Center by

Rosh Hashanah Vert Skate by Elijah Rocks (interactive game)

Yom Kippur Concentration by Elijah Rocks (online game)



Laws of the Esrog (video)

All About Sukkot by

Sukkos Jigsaw Puzzle by

Lulav Mitzvah Matcher by

What If We Built The World’s Greatest Sukkah? by Chabad (video)

Under the Prayer Shawl: Secrets of the Priestly Blessing by Asih HaTorah (video)

Doing the Wave: A Sukkot Tradition by Aish HaTorah (video)

Sukkot Home Run Derby by Elijah Rocks

Simchat Torah Supercart Race by Elijah Rocks

How to Build A Sukkah on You Tube (video by Moishe House Rocks)



Connect the Dots by (interactive game)

Latke Stacker Game by

Rebellion in the Holy Land! by (video in the form of a live newscast)

Chanukah History & Facts by Dinah by (video)

Chanukah Play by (video of a group of 5 year olds acting out the Chanukah story)

Maccabees: A Live Chanukah Adventure by Chabad (video – note: over 45 minutes long)

Miracle Lights by (animated video telling the story of Chanukah – 17 minutes long)

Menorah Lighting Guide by (video)

Eli’s Kosher Kitchen by (video showing how to make doughnuts and latkes (potato pancakes), foods traditionally eaten on Chanukah)

Jono’s Dreidel Song by (video)

Latkes How-to by (video showing a group of children learning how to make latkes)

Visit A Chanukah Candle Factory by (video)

Making Olive Oil by (video)

Menorahs Around the Globe by (video showing public menorahs around the world)

Chanukah Songs by – links to audio tracks and lyrics for various songs

Chanukah Games – links to interactive online games by

Chanukah Songs: Popular Favourites by Aish Hatorah (audio files and lyrics)

Chanukah Quiz by Aish Hatorah

The Hanukkah House by Zigzag World (online game)

Hanukkah Trivia Quiz by Quizland (online quiz)

Hanukkah Games by

Children’s Hanukkah Jigsaw Puzzles by Apples4theTeacher (links to four different interactive puzzles)

Interactive Hanukkah Scrapbook by Scholastic

Virtual Dreidel Game by the Jewish Outreach Institute

Virtual Dreidel Game by Elijah Rocks

Tic-Tac-Dreidel by (interactive game)

Dreidel 4 by (interactive game)

Hanukkah Wordsearch by

Hanukkah Slide Puzzle by

Hanukkah Activities by The Jewish Museum

The Jewish Trivia Quiz (interactive quiz on various topics, choose the Chanukah topic and which level you want)

Chanukah Jigsaw Puzzle by Torah Tots

Chanukah Sliding Puzzle by Torah Tots

Chanukah Word Search by Torah Tots



Keep Israel Green by Elijah Rocks (interactive game)

Tu b’Shvat Hangman by (interactive game)

Tu b’Shvat Word Scramble by Ohr Somayach