Purim Links for Kids



Purim (Introduction)

The Scroll of Esther – Megillat Esther

Food on Purim

Links to Purim Books, Stories & Songs

Akhlah: Purim

Chabad Kids: Purim Guide

DLTK’s Crafts for Kids: The Story of Purim (simplified story, suitable for young children)

Jewish Virtual Library: Purim

Judaism 101: Purim

Torah Tots:

A Fun Holiday

How We Celebrate Purim

The Story of Purim

Curiosities of Purim

Other Laws of Purim

The Fast of Esther



Purim Challenge

Purim – the Story (matching game)

Purim in English, Hebrew and Yiddish

Purim Vocab Matching

Purim Dictionary

Purim Find-A-Word

Haman Hangman

Drowning Out Haman

Purim Puzzles (word scrambles)

Purim Surprises (word scrambles)

Purim Riddles

Put the Purim Story in Order

Who Said What

Purim Miracle

Purim Miracle 2

Megillah Quiz

Aish Hatorah: Purim Coloring Pages


Purim Play for Children

Purim Quiz

Birthday Express: Creative DIY Confectionary Cards for Kids! (can be adapted for Purim)

Chabad Kids:

Purim Crafts

Purim Puzzles

Purim Videos for Kids

Purim Songs (audio files)

DLTK’s Crafts for Kids:

Purim Crafts

The Story of Esther Coloring Pages

Recipe for Hamantashen


Purim Masks & Costumes

Purim e-Greeting Cards

Jewish Agency:

Activities for Younger Children

Interactive Purim Jigsaw Puzzle

Interactive Purim Quiz

Lil’ Fingers: Purim for Kids

Orthodox Union: Interactive Quiz (for advanced students only)

So You Know Everything About Purim? (Interactive Quiz)

Torah Tots:

Purim Jigsaw Puzzle

Online Paint & Print

Interactive Purim WordSearch