Stories & Songs for Sukkot


L’Chaim Weekly

An Etrog from Eden

God’s Sukkah is Safe (Jewish Magazine)


Jewish National & University Library – Songs for Sukkot and Simchat Torah

Shlomit Bonah Sukkah (‘Shlomit Builds A Sukkah’)

BaSukkah Shelanu ‘(In Our Sukkah’)

LaSukkah Sheli (‘To My Sukkah’)

Chag Asif

Chag Asif Same’ach

Orchim laChag (‘Holiday Guests’)

Sukkah v’Lulav l’Am Segulah

Perpetual Pre-School (Sukkot songs for the very young, in English, sung to the tunes of well-known nursery rhymes)

Sukkot Song Sheets (