Purim Links to Other Sites

Aish haTorah: Purim

Aish haTorah: 60 Second Overview

Aish haTorah: The Hidden Story of Queen Esther (video series for adults wanting a more nuanced appreciation of the holiday of Purim)

Aish haTorah: Animated Purim (video suitable for adults and students over 14 years of age)

Aish haTorah: Purim Songs (audio clips to hear and download)

Ahavat Yisrael: Purim

Ohr Somayach: The Megillah Story (with footnotes)

Aish haTorah: Women and the Megillah (about the obligation of women to hear the Megillah)

Tsivos Hashem: The Purim Story for Kids

Chabad: Purim Videos (for kids)

Jewish Agency: Purim (inludes programming ideas for teachers)

Jewish Outreach Iinstitute: Purim

Jewish Virtual Library: Purim

Judaism 101: Purim

National Jewish Outreach Program: Purim

Project Genesis (torah.org): Purim

Rabbi Yitz Wyne: The Purim Story (video – 28 minutes, 29 seconds)

Sichos in English: Purim

Totally Jewish: Purim

Virtual Beit Midrash: Purim Journal (links to advanced level shiurim)

Virtual Jerusalem: Purim

YouTube: Lego Purim (a video by Aish Hatorah telling the story of Purim)

YouTube: Purim Street Party in Israel (Purim celebrations in Tel Aviv)

YouTube: Purim Costumes

YouTube – Perfect Purim Hamataschen Baked in Israel

YouTube – JTA’s Purim Hamantaschen Tutorial (includes recipe)