Index of BJE Online Activities

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Avraham – a man of peace

Avraham and Sarah Leave Home

Avraham and Sodom


Creation sequence

Creation – things God created

Creation – things that go together

Creation and Shabbat

Crime and punishment – Cain and Abel

David and Goliath

David and Saul

David and Saul, Kings of Israel

David Melech Yisrael – David, King of Israel

Devorah leads the battle

Eliyahu (Elijah) – what is a prophet?

Eliyahu Columns

Eliyahu Matching

Eliyahu Pop-Ups

Jacob – Jacob’s name is changed

Jacob and Esau

Jacob and Esau

Jacob’s ladder

Joseph – Joseph becomes a leader

Joseph and his brothers

Joseph in prison

King Saul’s jealousy

King Solomon builds the First Temple

Moses – God’s promise to Moses

Moses – Almost the Promised Land

Moses – Jumbled Words

Noah – Caring for animals

Noah and the animals

Noah’s Ark Hangman

Parsha – A Wife for Yitzhak (Isaac)

Parsha – Leaving Home

Parsha – Twelve Spies

Parsha – Welcoming Friends

Parsha – Yitzhak and Rivka (Isaac & Rebecca)

Parsha – Welcoming Guests

Ruth, a Jewish hero

Ruth’s Story

Ruth’s story – cloze sentences

Ruth’s story – word jumble


Samson & Delilah

The Prophets

The writing on the wall

Tower of Babel

What is a Midrash?

Blessings & Prayer

Brachot – Matching

Brachot Multiple Choice

Brachot Ordering Game

Jewish Values – Community Prayer

Tefillah – Adon Olam

Tefillah – Adon Olam Jumble

Tefillah – Adon Olam, translated names for God

Tefillah – Ashrei

Tefillah – Ashrei, I will praise You

Tefillah – Avot and Imahot

Tefillah – Facts in Focus

Tefillah – I will praise

Tefillah – Learning Brachot

Tefillah – Let’s say the Shema

Tefillah – Shema Word Search

Tefillah – Shema Yisrael

Tefillah – Shema, Hear O Israel

Tefillah – Thank You

Tefillah – the Amidah

Tefillah – the Shema

Tefillah – the Shema Pop Ups

Tefillah and the Amidah

Tefillah and the Shema

Tefillah Matching

Tefillah: The Shema Columns

Tefillah: The Shema WordSearch

Tefillah: The Shema WordSearch 2

Books (Jewish)

Jewish Book Week – The Old Siddur

Jewish Books – ‘Maybe Even Higher’

Jewish Books – Am haSefer

Jewish Books – The Siddur

Jewish Books and Poems

Jewish Stories – Hershele and the Robber

Jewish Stories – Hershele Ostropolier

Jewish Books & Stories – Samson

Jewish Books & Stories – Samson & Delilah


Jewish Calendar – Adults

Jewish Calendar Hangman

Jewish Calendar – Teens

The Jewish Calendar – Adults

The Jewish Calendar – Jumbled Words

The Jewish Calendar – Lunar

The Jewish Calendar – Months & Festivals

The Jewish Calendar – Teens

The Jewish Calendar – Teens


A Festival of Lights

Antiochus and the Macabees

English, Hebrew, Yiddish – ‘Oy Vey’

Jumbled Words

Liat’s WordSearch for Teens

Lighting the Chanukiah

Oren’s Chanukah Hangman

Sophy’s Chanukah Hangman for Teens

Spin the Dreidel

The Dreidel

The Miracle of the Oil

True or False


Chanukah Around the World

The Chanukah Story – Cloze

Chanukah Customs

Chanukah fun

Find the Words from the Chanukah Story

Fun Hangman

The Chanukah Story

Chanukah in Israel

Jumbled Words


Chanukah Unjumbled

Chanukah Unjumbled – Hebrew




Fast of Tammuz

Fast of Tammuz – Cloze

Fast of Tammuz – Columns

Fast of Tammuz – Facts

Facts of Tammuz – Jumbled Words

Fast of Tevet – Adults

Fast of Tevet – Adults

Fast of Tevet – Adults

Fast of Tevet – Kids

Fast of Tevet – Kids

Fast of Tevet – Kids

Fast of Tevet – Teens

Fast of Tevet – Teens

Fast of Tevet – Teens


Borrowed Words

Felafel Please

King Solomon’s Hebrew Needs More Words

History – Australia

Jewish Convict Women in Australia

Jews Around the World

Esther Abrahams and the Convict Experience

Joseph Samuel, the Man They Could Not Hang

The Convict Life

The First Fleet

The First Jews



A Day in the Life of an Israeli Student

Australia and Israel

Connections to Israel


HaTikvah, National Anthem of Israel

A Travel Guide

Beersheva and the Negev

Danny and Talia Go To Israel


Eilat and the Tourist

Eric Schachar’s Wild Israeli Ride


The Negev

Israel and Its Neighbours

Israel’s Borders

Cities and Seas


Israel’s Neighbours

Jerusalem – A City of Peace

Jerusalem – the Biblical Zoo

Jerusalem and the Kotel

Jewish Kids in Israel and Australia


Kotel in English and Hebrew

Life in Israel

Map of Israel

Tiberias and the Kinneret

Judaism, Basic

Basic Judaism – Cloze

Basic Judaism – Columns

Basic Judaism – Concepts

Basic Judaism Hangman

Basic Judaism Hangman (Advanced)

Basic Judaism – Matching


Kosher Animals

Let’s Go Shopping

Vocabulary Matching


Lag baOmer

Lag baOmer

Lag baOmer

Lag baOmer

Lag baOmer – A Celebration

Little Yosef’s Story

Rabbi Akiva and the Romans

Shimon Bar Yochai

Who are the Heroes?

Who’s Who?

Rabbi Akiva

Lag baOmer Battle

Rabbi Akiva Columns

Rabbi Akiva Hangman

Rabbi Akiva Pop Ups

Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakai

Life Cycle

Bar & Bat Mitzvah – Hebrew Words

Bar & Bat Mitzvah – Putting the Mitzvah In

Bar & Bat Mitzvah – Test Your Knowledge

Bar & Bat Mitzvah Facts

Bar Mitzvah for Howard

A Jewish Girl Is Born!

Pidyon haBen

When A Jewish Baby Is Born

Marriage – the Jewish Kiddushin

Marriage challenge

Marriage Stages

Getting A Jewish Name

Jewish Boys’ Names

Jewish Girls’ Names


Golda Meir Facts

Golda Meir’s Life Story


Describing Hillel

Hillel – Qualities of a Jewish Hero

Hillel – the Life of a Great Man

Theodore Herzl

Pesach (Passover)

10 Plagues of Egypt

A Mixed-Up Seder

Getting Ready for Pesach

Mah Nishtana

Matching Terms

Only for Pesach

Steps of the Seder

Steps of the Seder

Ten Plagues of Egypt

The 10 Plagues

The Pesach Story

The Pesach Story (Yr 2)

The Rest of Pesach

The Rest of Pesach

The 10 Plagues in Hebrew and English

What’s on the Seder Plate?

Who’s Who?

Pesach Preparations

Pesach Symbols


Fast of Esther – Cloze

Fast of Esther – Column Matching

Fast of Esther – Columns

Fast of Esther – Fill the Gaps

Fast of Esther Hangman

Fast of Esther Hanmania

Fast of Esther – Kids’ Cloze

Fast of Esther – Kids’ Columns

Fast of Esther – Kids’ Hangman

Drowning out Haman

Find the Words

Haman Hangman

Order of the Story

The Story

Vocabulary Matching

Who Said This?

Purim Challenge

Purim Dictionary

Purim in English, Hebrew and Yiddish

Purim Miracle

Purim Puzzles

Purim Riddles

Purim Surprises

Rosh Chodesh

Matching Columns



Hang Ten

Java Game


Kids’ Columns

Kids’ Hangman

Rosh haShanah

Elul, A Special Month

Elul, A Time to Think

Elul – Kindness and Charity

Elul – Months of the Year

Elul – What is Kindness?

Fast of Gedaliah Cloze

Fast of Gedaliah Columns

Fast of Gedaliah Hangman

Fast of Gedaliah Word Jumble

A Scrambled New Year

A Sweet Rosh haShanah

Apples and Honey


Looking Forward, Looking Back

Shofar in Order


The Shofar

The Sounds of the Shofar

Rosh haShanah Customs

Rosh haShanah in our Grandparents’ Time

Symbols & Customs

Rosh haShanah Table

The High Holy Days

Sefer Torah

Creating A Sefer Torah

Dress the Torah

Java Game

Order the Steps

What’s the Order?

A Sefer Torah is Made



Challah Matching

A Good Week

Shabbat, A Greeting


Challah Matching

Daniel’s Diary


Havdalah Words


Preparing for Shabbat

Seudat Shilishit and Havdalah

Shabbat Candles Havdalah

Shabbat in Shule

Shabbat Shemini

Shabbat Table Items


Mark Spitz, Jewish Sporting Hero

Mark Spitz

Yael Arad, Israeli Sporting Star


Hoshana Rabbah – Match the Terms

Hoshana Rabbah – Match the Terms (Kids)

Hoshana Rabbah for Teens


Arbah Minim, the 4 Species

Building A Sukkah

Lulav and Etrog

Michael Builds A Sukkah

Shake the Lulav


A Mezuzah for Sammy


Challenge Board



Three Weeks

The Three Weeks

The Three Weeks (2)

The Three Weeks (3)

Going Up to Jerusalem

King Solomon’s Temple

King Solomon’s Temple (2)

Matching Fasts

Three Weeks and Israel

Tisha b’Av Hangman

Tisha b’Av Cloze

Tisha b’Av Columns

Tisha b’Av Hangman (2)

Tisha b’Av

Tisha b’Av – A Time To Remember All Over the World

Tisha b’Av Cloze

Tisha b’Av Columns

Tisha b’Av – How Do We Mark It?

Tisha b’Av in Faraway Places

Tisha b’Av – Jeremiah and Jerusalem

Tisha b’Av – Jeremiah and the Order of Events

Tisha b’Av – Jeremiah the Prophet

The Aron haKodesh (Holy Ark)

The Three Weeks (4)

We Were All Israelis

Tisha b’Av WordSearch

Tisha b’Av Categories

Tisha b’Av Facts – Did You Know?

Terrible Events in History

Tisha b’Av Traditions

Tu biSh’vat


Do You Know?

Fruit Salad

Fruit, Nuts & Grains

Making the Desert Bloom

Making the Desert Green

Shopping Trip

Customs & History

Making the Desert Bloom (2)

Sde Boker



Caring for Animals

Caring for Animals, A Story from the Ark

Caring for Animals on the Ark

Ecology and Jews

Ecology and Jews (2)

Arevut and Hebrew Vocabulary

Bikkur Cholim

Community Organisations

Honouring Parents

Lashon haRa

Responsible for Each Other

Speaking Nicely

The Environment and Us

What Can You Do?


Grandparents Are Special

Hachnasat Orchim, Hospitality to Guests

Mitzvot Jumble

Mitzvot Matching

Shalom, Peace


Stealing A Small Amount Is Still Stealing

Stealing and Theft

WIZO – Caring for Israel

WIZO – Who Are We?

Yom haAtzma’ut


Kibbutz Vocabulary

The Emblem of Israel

Visit to a Kibbutz

Yom haAtzma’ut Challenge

Yom haAtzma’ut Matching Game

Yom haAtzma’ut Vocabulary

Yom haSho’ah

Story Matching

Story Order Game

Yom Kippur

A Day That Is Different

A Day to Forgive

David and the Old Man

Elly’s Mini-Quiz

Saying Sorry

The Story of Jonah

What to Do and Not to Do

Yom Yerushalayim

Yom Yerushalayim

Market Day in Jerusalem

All Mixed Up

Yom Yerushalayim and the Castel

Yom Yerushalayim Facts

Yom Yerushalayim for Years 1-2