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Pesach Links for Kids




Pesach Customs

Pesach Prayers

Fast of the First Born

How Pesach is Observed

The Seder (includes the 15 steps of the Seder)

How to Prepare a Home for Pesach

Bedikat Chametz – the Search for Leaven

How to Host a Pesach Seder

How to Make Kneidlach (soup dumplings)

Pesach Stories & Songs

Akhlah: Passover

Chabad Kids:

The Big Clean

Chametz vs Matzah

The 6 Items on your Seder Plate

The 15 Seder Steps

Tell the Passover Story

Jewish Virtual Library: Passover

Judaism 101: Pesach: Passover



10 Plagues of Egypt

A Mixed Up Seder

Getting Ready for Pesach

Mah Nistanah

Only for Pesach

Pesach Matching Terms

Pesach Preparations

Pesach Quiz

Pesach Seder Quiz

Preparing for Pesach

Steps of the Seder

Pesach Symbols

Ten Plagues of Egypt

The Pesach Story

What’s on the Seder Plate?

Who’s Who in the Pesach Story?

Asih Hatorah: Pesach Coloring Pages

Billy Bear 4 Kids: Passover

Chabad Kids:

Passover Games

Passover Crafts

Passover Songs (audio files to listen to)

Passover Videos for Kids

Passover Stories

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