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Books, Stories, Songs & Activities for Purim

Children’s Activities for Purim

Nurit Reshef: Purim Games

Orthodox Union: Purim/Adar IQ Quiz

Holidays Net: Purim Craft Projects

123 Greetings: Purim E-cards

So You Know Everything About Purim?? (interactive quiz)

Chabad: Purim Puzzles

Chabad: Purim Recipes for Kids

Chabad: Purim Crafts for Kids

Chabad: Purim Arts for Kids

Purim Stories & Songs

Tzivos Hashem: Purim Stories

Asih Hatorah: Purim Songs (includes audio links to listen to the songs)

Zemerl: Purim Songs

Hebrew Songs: Hebrew Songs & Dances

Chabad: Purim Songs & Stories

Perpetual Pre-School: Purim Songs

Jewish Agency: Purim Songs (this is a list of links to other sites with Purim songs)

Purim Songsheets

Books for Children to Buy & Read

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