Bar/Bat Mitzvah Programs

We are seeking your valued input!

BJE is considering introducing new, reimaged Bar and Bat Mitzvah Programs in 2022.

The programs will be designed as ‘stand-alone’ programs that may compliment a Synagogue Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Your child will spend 6 months, over 8 sessions exploring their emerging identity as young Jewish women and men, their heritage, and their commitments to Tikkun Olam, through social action and community service, as they take their place in the community. The programs will culminate in a ‘graduation ceremony’, with family, celebrating this significant milestone in their Jewish Journey. 

We are considering running the Programs twice during the year (from February to July, and July to December).

***BJE will also offer the additional option of more formal teaching of the relevant Haftorah and Parsha, and link you to a Synagogue, if this is requested.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Programs 1