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Our Mission

BJE inspires the Jewish identity of our Community’s Youth.

It is our aim to provide quality Jewish education to children in state and non-Jewish private school systems across NSW.
To ensure the social integration into the Jewish community, BJE provides enrichment and informal education opportunities for the children and their families.

To ensure quality education, BJE provides professional and curriculum development for teachers across the whole spectrum of education in areas related to Judaism, Hebrew language, Jewish History, Israel and other generic education fields.



In 1872 tailor Jacob Davis had an idea: a work pant made of denim with metal rivets for greater strength. He partnered with businessman Levi Strauss and, as they say, the rest is history. The humble denim pant is now worn by rich and poor, farmers and executives, academics and students alike, whether they’re relaxing at home or posing on a catwalk.

This sort of inventiveness coupled with application, determination, knowledge and achievement and a sense of partnership is what makes this story similar to BJE. An organisation that aims to bring together, educate, grow and keep together individuals cut from the same cloth so that our children can achieve whatever they desire, in an environment designed to prosper, using a mix of modern and traditional values that define our community. This identity is achieved through our Education Program – Emet.

The word Emet is derived from the Hebrew word meaning ‘truth’. The first letter Aleph, the middle letter Mem and the last letter Tav correspond to the first, middle and last letters of the Hebrew alphabet and reflect the journey each child travels to attain self-fulfillment – beginning, middle and end. Thus Emet is the power for each student to realise their own truth and reach their own deepest potential. With Emet, we weave an intelligent and engaging program that brings Judaism to life. With each year comes another milestone of orchestrated richness, building a tapestry of collective experiences that binds and builds our Jewish community. After all, we are cut from the same cloth. BJE, stitching the fabric of Jews together, one stitch at a time.


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